Poker Tournament Was Worth the Gamble

We are proud to announce that TEAM J.LO has now raised $5413 that will be donated to the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation. We reached our goal because of so many people, most recently due to the efforts of Bill and Jodi Orcutt. They were the brains and hardwork behind the 1st Annual NL Hold 'Em Ovarian Cancer Benefit Tournament. We'd also like to thank the 26 gentlemen who came out to support our cause and played some great poker.
Billy Orcutt
David Shaw
Brad Shaw
Bill Orcutt Sr.
Chris Jones
Chris Seich
Eric Stuve
Chuck Lopez
Gil Lopez
Andy Lopez
Steve Accardi
Jeff Kristel
Mohammed Scalam
Brian Ferry
Keith Wentura
Rick Wentura
Ken Sullivan
Ryan Magee
Bill Vaparteys
Jay Bonds
Billy Thomas
Anthony Ray
Bob Ikdzak
Joel Polidura
Brian Ross
Adam Gold
Additionally, there were several outside contributors who were unable to attend, but donated both money and door prizes for the event. Their names are:
John Criscuolo
Bill Gold
Mike Romace
Frank Costa
Catherine Mitelo
Bob Sperling
Barbara Curry
Keith Wentura
As a result of Bill and Jodi's efforts, we walked away with $895 which put us as our current total of $5413. When I was walking out of the poker game today (after I got my butt handed to me), I couldn't thank Bill enough for what he had done. He simply replied, "Hey, it's family". It's that kind of compassion and selflessness that made this achievement possible.
We don't have to end this article with a "pep talk" or any prolific quote that will hopefully stur people to donate to our cause. Simply all we can say is THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Everyone, THANK YOU!!! See you in 28 days at the race!!!
As always, you may check our progress or donate to TEAM J.LO by clicking here.



The 1st Annual NL Hold 'Em Ovarian Cancer Benefit Tournament will be held this Saturday, March 31st.

Location: American Legion Post 87

314 Berry Street Woodbridge, NJ

Buy-In: $50, Half the proceeds goes towards our fight against Ovarian Cancer, and half goes to the pot.

Payout: Top prize guarentee of at least $300. The more people, the higher the prizes!!

Structure: $5,000 in chips, 15 minute blinds.

Shuffle up and deal at 2:00pm

For more information, Contact Bill "WoBo" Orcutt" @ 732-713-0405



I was just checking out the TEAM JLO website, and it turns out that we are a mere $857 away from reaching our fundraising goal of $5,000 (which puts us at $4143). I can’t help but to imagine what it would mean for our cause if we actually reached our goal.

When Chuck brought up the Sandy Rollman 5K race idea, we picked $5000 as a goal because it was a great number to shoot for, it was certainly more than we’ve aimed for in the past, and because it’s just a nice round number! We never really banked on actually raising the 5K because really it was more about spreading the word and the fact that we knew we could raise a good amount anyway. But now with 48 days left until the race, we could do one of two things; congratulate ourselves and be content with the $4143, or keep pushing for the final $857. I choose the latter.

We all have to keep pushing for our goal because if we think back to December 2005, we all know a woman that could’ve easily given up without little blame. But had made up her mind, and changed all of our definitions of what it means to truly “fight”. And again this past October when Mom was faced with her second bout with cancer in less than a year, she continued to push to reach her goal to survive. It’s our turn to push and fight for her and meet our goal of $5000 for all the reasons we have talked about on countless occasions: to spread the word, for better laws, for those who are battling, and fore those who have lost the fight.

So if you are like me and sometimes put things off until the last minute, well the last minute is here and we need your help. If you have yet to make a monetary donation, no amount is too small or too large. If you are unable to make a donation, then please spread the word and forward our website to everyone you know. Click here to donate to TEAM J.LO




1ST Annual Teal Night For Life

Last Friday hundreds of devoted family members, friends and co-workers decended upon the Olive Branch Bar and Resturant in New Brunswick. The wonderful management of the OB as well as their incredibe staff truly out did themselves. Most wonderful though, was the oupouring of love and support from all those who came. Our initial estimate of funds we hoped to raise were in the $600-$700 range. When all was said and done we raised $2005.00. There are no words to express how amazing it really was. Thank you again to all those who came, to those who gave and to the wonderful staff at the OB. You made our dream a reality. Now. let's get on and hit $5000.00

Chuck Lopez


Miracle: Part 2

After Wednesday's ice storm settled, I took a walk to Chuck and Lauren's house to get out of the house for a bit. Mom was pretty nervous because we were still waiting to hear back about her CAT SCAN results. The days before and after chemo's or any kind of test are the worst. It's the "not knowing" that really gets to you. But because we've gotten bad news from this test before, I think everyone was a little more on edge than usual. As I was nearing my way home, mom popped her head out of the front door "I'M NORMAL, I'M NORMAL!!!" She was still on the phone with someone from our family sharing the good news, but was yelling down the block like a crazy woman--- a good crazy! She was going on and on about how Dr. Canavan truly couldn't believe he was looking at her SCAN because it looked so unbelievably healthy! I can probably vouch for all of Mom's friend's and family members when I say as soon as we heard this news, it felt like a huge weight was off our chests. THANK GOD!

After Mom had made her phone calls, she couldn't stop praising Dr. Canavan's name. "The man's a saint! He's the BBBBEEEESSSST doctor in the whole world. Even if it doesn't come back, I ain't gonna worry cause I know he'll take care of me!" We later had a few laughs because after she started pouring herself a huge glass of the HACIENDA Merlot I said, "Whether we got good or bad news, you were gonna have a few drinks no matter what huh?" And she couldn't agree more. It was time to celebrate and so she did, rightly so!

What is past, is past. Here's what the near future has in store...
1) Mom's 1st Maintance treatment
2) March 2nd- Party for OC at the OB! (Details below)
3) April 28th- Sandy Rollman 5K for Ovarian Cancer

So basically we have to never stop praying, continue to raise funds and spread the word to help find better and more efficient OC tests/treatments, and last but certainly not least... PARTY!!!!




Kemo Turns 1 and spends the day with Mom Mom

As many of you know Lauren and I got a dog last April. Mom thought a perfect name for our new addition would be Kemo (figured spelling it Chemo might be too much). Anyhow Kemo has stuck by Mom all year again and again bringing a smile to her face even on the worst days. Now, Kemo doesn't hold a candle do mom's grandkids, but in a pinch he does the job well. It seems like just yesterday we got the news that mom's cancer had returned. As expected mom was devestated as were we all. However I never knew how much she loved that dog until somewhere through her tears she told me to go home and get Kemo...She said "I need my Kemo". That pretty much sums up their relationship. She loves him and I know the feeling is more than mutual. He goes nuts when we say "It's time to go to Mom Mom's House". So, yesterday while Lauren and I were at work mom again spoiled him all day, where he spends most of the day sleeping on her lap as she watches TV. He's quite an impressive puppy....Happy Birthday Kemo....

Mom Finished Last round of Chemo Like a Champ

Just this past Monday mom finished her 6th and final round of chemo. She went through the normal painful Thursdays, but other than that she was her same old normal self. Over the next few weeks she'll go back to the hospital for another scan to reconfirm that there are no masses. She feels great, her doc's say she's doing increadible so things are looking up.

On another note, I know she is very excited about the TEAL NIGHT FOR LIFE at the Olive Branch on March 2nd. She mentioned to me that she hopes that the family can all make it as well as all of our friends and alike. We hope to see you there. It should be a great night. If you want more info please call me at 732-236-0681. Thanks,

Chuck Lopez


Come Out March 2nd and Party with TEAM JLO

Come out to the Olive Branch Bar and Resturant on Friday March 2nd from 4PM to close and party with TEAM JLO to raise money for the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation. The party will begin at Happy Hour with 50 cent slices of pizza and $1.00 Coors Light Drafts. Everyone that makes any donation will receive a raffle ticket to win some increadible prizes. While the prizes are still being secured I know one is definetly a brand new mountain bike. There will also be shot specials and drink specials all night. We look forward to seeing you all there. You can find directions and more information at olivebranchonline.com

We'll see you there.
Chuck Lopez



TEAM JLO is sponsoring a charity super bowl pool this year in order to reach our $5000.00 fundraising goal. Thus far we have sold about 56 boxes out of 100. We still need more folks willing to purcase a box, so let us know if your interested.
Call me at 732-236-0681



Mom's Oldest Turns 30

Mom, not being the most computer literate person on the planet wanted me to send out a little birthday message to her baby boy. Gilby. Today is Gil's 30th Birthday. So, Gil, Happy Birthday from us all....

Your Family


Mom at Andy's Big Night- Brings Ovarian Cancer Together

Last night my brother Andy reached a milestone in his career as a musician. To some a small event, to others in the professions huge. Mom and Dad have been to problably dozens if not a hundred of Andy's concerts where he performed. Last night for the first time and took the stage as the Band Director. Mom loved his performance and Laura his fiance couldnt get over how young he looked up there. It was a bit strange for me also to see my little brother do such an increadible job now that he too is a band director. So, to Andy, BRAVO!!!! on your first concert, and may you have many more just the same.
On another note last night. Mom was in her classic beret that she sports now that her head is well......bald. A woman behind her reached forward to politely ask, "I am sorry but do you have Ovarian Cancer". Mom replied with a "Yes". The women went on to tell of her mother who beat Ovarian Cancer. Mom ended with a "Thank You and "I am going to beat it too". So no where you go, theres someone who knows, someone who has felt its damage, but also someone who knows the fight that it takes. Mom has that fight. Bravo Mom!!!!!

Andy, I am very proud of you and you did a fablous job.....

Love, Your Brother....the other band director


Hawks Come to the Rescue

As you all know by now TEAM JLO is in a full speed ahead fundraising mode. One of the newest components of our fundraising team now comes from mom's alma matter J.P Steven High School in Edison NJ. My wife Lauren is a teacher at J.P and took the lead to encourage the 10th grade class to sponsor TEAM JLO by selling ovarian cancer ribbons. This is only one of many other fundraising efforts that we're embarking on at this point. Very shortly we'll be reaching out to business for their support as well as seeking sponsors to cover the cost of TEAM JLO shirts that every runner on our team will wear. If anyone out there knows of any business that would be willing to sponsor us by purchasing the shirts please let me know ASAP. Let's get going and raise some money. CONTRIBUTE HERE




Back on October 2nd we found out again Mom's Cancers level's jumped up to 236. Most of us walking around have some levels in us and the norm range is 1-30. Just a few days prior to Thanksgiving we had found out that it was down to 23....Now,,,,,,,,,drum roll please........................................Yesterday we got word that mom's levels are down to 10. That's just increadible. We're so proud of her and how strong she is. I had made an error in the last post. This was mom's 5th treatment and still has one to go. In celebration of her new low number she went out for dinner with dad and bought Kemo a new toy. Well more from the home front soon.




Tomorrow marks mom's 6th chemo of this round. She continues to fight just as before and she's doing better than ever. Throughout this year however she'll have to have monthly maintaince treatments, but her motto is "whatever I have to do, I'll do". It would be amazing if we were all that strong. Well keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. More from Team Lopez Soon.