Our Hero

As many of you may know by now our mother "JLO" passed away early Sunday afternoon at home.

After an almost 4 year battle with Ovarian Cancer my mother while surrounded by her family, peacefully drifted away to her much deserved rest.

Those of us who knew mom will miss hear dearly, but we take comfort in knowing that she always lived her life to the fullest and never took a day for granted.

Thank you all for your love, support, prayers and good thoughts over the past weeks, months and years. While we are all devestaed with our loss please know that TEAM JLO will continue the fight against Ovarian Cancer to honor the memory of an increadible woman.

Mom's Boys


Mom's Latest Update

Mom was admitted to Rahway hospital last Wednesday due to dehydration and other issues which we thought were associated with her chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, today we found out that mom's cancer has spread to her colon. Her doctors are working to find the best solution for her at this point. Right now it looks like she will undergo a procedure later this week to place a stint within the colon to prevent it from being blocked completely by the tumor. This will no doubt be followed by a new regiment of chemotherapy.

While this news has hit us all very hard please know that mom is strong and we are all standing by her side. Your continued prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated.

Thank You,
Mom's Boys


Round One- Done!!!!

Mom had her first treatment today with her two new chemos. She did great and is really fighting against some pretty crappy lingering side effects from the previous chemo. Daily she's been dealing with more or less constant aching in her side where the disease has apparently spread. Her docs tell us that these two chemos will stop the pain and stop the growth of any new tumors.

Great Job Today Mom!!!!!!!

Your Boys


Avastan and Cytoxan it is

Mom went to the doc today and after reviewing her reports from the last scan he's put her Avastan and Cytoxan. With the combination of these two her doctor hopes to stop and further growth of any tumors.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers and I'll keep we'll be sure to keep you updated

Mom's Boys


Mom Update!!!!!

It's been about five months since our last post on the blog. For the first part of the last few months mom's fight was going in the right direction. We came through our 3rd Annual Teal Night For Life at the Olive Branch again with almost $3000.00 in donations. A great time was had by all. In April we took part again in the Sandy Sprint 5K with the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation. After the race we had a great picnic in Fairmount Park with family and friends. One highlight of the race was mom’s grandson Scott Ricci finishing first in his age group and 5th over all in the race. We’re all very proud of him.

Not too long after the 5k mom had received news that although her CA-125 was in the safe zone her CAT scan has produced some crappy results with growths on lymph nodes and her liver. For the past few months she has been fighting strong with a new chemo called Taxotere. It slowed her down a bit at times, but she kept pushing and had a nice vacation in LBI just a few weeks ago. One funny story to come out of this however is that on the day she got the bad news she look at my father and said...."I am going out right now and getting a lap top...I am done using facebook on my phone.........I deserve it" The very next day she went out and bought a new laptop. Since then she's been surfing the Facebook highway day in and day out.

Tonight we found out that the last three treatments have not been successful and the cancer has actually grown. It is still on her lymph nodes, has grown a bit on her liver, and is also now presenting itself in a new place within her abdomen. As you would expect she is quite upset, but her resolve to fight this damn disease has not wavered and she'll continue to fight fight fight fight.

Mom, Dad and Nanny are going to see her doctor Monday morning to discuss a new plan of attack. We will be sure to keep you updated on her progress and hope to have some good news over the next few months. If there is one thing we know about our mother she is stubborn. She gets something in her mind and it just has to be that way. That being said we know she’ll overcome this hurdle. She’ll do what it takes to get the job done and then she’ll sit down and have a tall glass of wine to celebrate.

Please continue to keep our mom in your prayers.


Gil, Chuck & Andy



The Olive Branch Bar and Resturant of New Brunswick NJ will be hosting our 3rd Annual Teal Night For Life on Friday April 17, 2009. The doors for the event will open at happy hour and go on through the night.

Last year we raised just around $3000.00. Let's see if we can do it again.
CLICK HERE for more information the Olive Branch.
If you want more info on our TEAL NIGHT FOR LIFE Call Chuck at 732-236-0681 or email him at charleswlopez@comcast.net.
We'll be posting update on the event as they become available. We hope to see you there.


We're Baaaaaaack!

Happy 2009 everyone! Team JLO is back for another year of family, friends, and fundraising! Many of you know that towards the end of 2008, Mom beat another round of cancer yet again. So I believe the official tally stands at MOM - 4, CANCER - O. She continues her chemo treatments on a monthly basis until the doc feels she can take some time to truly heal for a while.

This year, TEAM JLO is bringing back the SUPER BOWL POOL. There will be several opportunities as several different pools will be circulating NJ. One in North Jersey with Andrew, another in Central with Chuck and Dad, and another in Central/South with Gil and Tina. It will be $5 per box. Half of the proceeds will go directly to the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation, while the other half gets split among the winners! Here is the payout plan:

1st Quarter - $25
2nd Quarter - $50
3rd Quarter - $75
4th Quarter - $100

If you win multiple quarters, you'll win those designated prize amounts. 

Additional 2009 events will include oldies but goodies:

> The 4th Annual TEAM JLO Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament - Date/Location is TBA
> The 4th Annual TEAM JLO Teal Night for Life Hosted by the Olive Branch Bar and Restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ - Date is TBA
> The 5th Annual Sandy Rollman 5K Run/Walk - April 25, 2009 in Philadelphia, PA.

To join TEAM JLO and/or to donate to our cause, please click here.

Check back often for updates on the Poker Tournament, Teal Night, and other TEAM JLO events. Or you can subscribe to all postings by following the link on the top left.